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What are the Pretty Points and how to get discounts with them?

The Pretty Points are one of the advantages of being a registered customer. With them, you can have direct discounts on future purchases.

How are Pretty Points gained?

For every euro/pound/swiss franc you spend on our website, you will get 1 Pretty Point. It's that easy, and without limits. For example, if you buy a pair of ballerinas for 149 euros/pounds/swiss francs, you will get 149 Pretty Points.

How can you get discounts with Pretty Points?

The conversion rate is: For every 20 Pretty Points gained, you will get 1 euro/pound/swiss franc off your next purchase.

First, go to "My Rewards" section in your account. There you will see your Pretty Points balance, and you have the option to convert these Pretty Points into euros/pounds/swiss francs, generating a discount code. 

Once you have this discount code, you just have to add it to the shopping cart at checkout.

* You can only use one discount code per order.

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